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Human Resource

Sl. No. Name Position
1. Swami Sadananda Chairman
2. Dr. Birendra Kisor Datta Director
3. Dr. (Mrs.) Ramalaxmi Datta Jt. Director
Unit: Microbiology
4. Dr. Ajit Kumar Podder Advisor – Microbiology
5. Shri Manmoy Chattopadhyay Advisor – Pest Control
Department: Soil, Water &Manure Testing
6. Dr. Sisir Kumar Si Programme Officer
7. Shri Tarun Kanti Majumdar Technical Officer
Department: Biofertilizer
8. Dr. Sadhan Kumar Das Programme Officer
9. Shri Tarun Kanti Das Technical Officer
Department: Vermi Technology
10. Dr. Salil Kumar Sahoo Programme Officer
Department: Bio Pesticide
11. Shri Dhritiman Biswas Programme Professional
Department: Botanical Pesticide
12. Shri Pradip Kumar Baidya Technical Officer
Unit: Horticulture
Department: Mushroom & Food Processing
13. Shri Ranadeb Sinha Programme Professional
Department: Horticulture
14. Prof. Paritosh Ghunti Advisor
Department: Plant Tissue Culture
15. Ms. Archana Chatterjee Programme Professional
Department: Apiculture
16. Shri Manoj Bagani Technician – Apiculture
Unit: Green Energy
17. Dr. S. K. Nath Advisor (Green Energy)
Unit: Internal Service Management
18. Shri Amal Kumar Mukherjee Manager (Internal Service & Energy Services)
Unit: Finance
19. Shri Aloke Kumar Kayal Programme Professional
20. Shri Prakash Bhattacharyya Assistant Accountant
Unit: MIS / IT / Documentation /MR- ISO / B.C. (Tech.)
21. Shri Sowreesh Bhattacharyya Technical Officer (IT)
Unit: Aquaculture
22. Shri Tapan Roychowdhury Advisor – Aquaculture
23. Shri Sanjay Haldar Training Coordinator (ICZMP)
Unit: Rural Micro Entrepreneurship Development (RMEDP)
24. Shri Chandan Narayan Sur Programme Officer – RMEDP
Shri Swapan Sarkar Project Manager (ICZMP)
26. Shri Rajib Guha Community Development Officer
27. Ms. Dipti Mitra Project Coordinator (ICZMP)
28. Shri Tarun Debnath Procurement Cum Marketing Coordinator (ICZMP)
29. Shri Sovan Hazra MIS Cum Documentation Coordinator (ICZMP)

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