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Technology 02

Techno-economically feasible rural technology for the production of microbial biofertilizers


Brief description:

Production  of bacterial biofertilizer requires sophisticated fermenter system  where all the physical and chemical situations are controlled. This system requires high price and thus unavailable in the rural area  due to its high cost and requirements of infrastructural facility speciality electricity.

A simple but scientific model has been introduced and standardized here for the production of microbial biofertilizer at village level. This is a simple metallic vessel having few accessories: a starter culture introduction port, an aeration port, an air exhaust port an a culture harvesting port. The areation and exhaust ports are attached with rubber tube having filters to check contamination.


Utility Benefits:

  1. Easy to install and operate
  2. Low power consumption
  3. Low cost  and the farmers may have quality microbial culture in low cost
  4. Potentiality for rural entrepreneur generation