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Technology 08

Production of native Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) in pot culture.

Brief description:

This technology involves

  • isolation of native spores of AMF from rhizosphere
  • Inoculation the spores in potting mixture containing Soil:FYM::3:1
  • Host plants (with rich fibrous roots system), like, maize, sorghum, methi and marigold are used .
  • After 3 months, infected root system along with the potting mixture is harvested.
  • Part of it is used as inoculum for further pot culture and the rest is packed for supplying to the farmers.
  • IP bio assay test and the number of spores is checked in every 3 months to ensure 25-30 spores per 100 g soil is present.

Nursery Management; A way of Rural Entrepreneurship


Utility benefit:

  1. Pot culture ensures production of AMF under controlled condition thus results in quality culture.
  2. This technology may easily be adapted by the rural women.
  3. Application of AMF in sunflower in combination with Azotobacter and organic manure has resulted in 20% increase in seed yield.
  4. Application of AMF in the potting mixture during the hardening stage has resulted in 15% reduction in use of chemical phosphate after its plantation in field.