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Managing Committee

Swami Sadananda, Chairman, VIB

Dr. Birendra Kisor Datta, Director, VIB

Dr Ramalakshi Datta, Jt. Director, VIB


Advisory Board

Major. Sabyasachi Chatterjee (Scientific Advisor, to the Prime Minister, Govt. of India.)

Prof. Sukumar Gupta (Ex. Prof. Bose Institute, Kolkata)

Prof. Pranjit Sarma (Ex. Prof. The University of Burdwan)

Dr. Ranjan Basak (Ex Professor, BCKV)

Dr. Amal Kr. Bandopadhyay (Ex. GM NABARD ER, Kolkata)

Dr. Pradip Sen (Director, West Bengal State Seed Corporation Ltd.)

Dr. Shanti Pada Gonchowdhury (Ex. Director, West Bengal Renewable Energy)



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