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At present we have no new job vacancy. Please keep in touch with us for further announcements.
The Chairman of VIB invites applications with CV from eligible candidates for the following within 10 days of publication of the notice. The selected candidates will have to appear before Selection Committee for interview. Decision of the Selection Committee will be final.
For its ECCS, at present the ECCS is having an annual turnover of Rs. 42.00 lakhs and few activities but soon is to take up the commercial activities like, operation of Samabayika, the Accommodation & Dining facilities, Banking , Production of all the bio-inputs designed /developed by the institute. It is planned that within next year i.e. 2018 the annual turnover would be more than 1 crore and it is to develop a net work of social enterprises centering the CSPs managed by the institute. Along with this the ECCS has to take lead to organize other Cooperatives and group based activities also. The position may have to work in other relevant unit also if so required. The incumbents are expected to achieve the target keeping the value of the Ramakrishna Philosophy.

I. Name of the position: Officer (for coordinating the ECCS) ; No: 1

1. Minimum M.Com or MBA in banking/Finance or B.Com (H) with sound experience.
2. Degree or Diploma in Cooperative sector / or Banking Management / Financial management or in related subject;
3. Degree / Diploma or knowledge & skill through experience in Computer application.
4. Desirable age is 50(but retired persons having relevant experiences can apply).
Desired Skills & Experience:
1. Sound experience in the area of relevance;
2. Operation of MIS, software based banking/accounting system;
3. Handling of different financial packages.

Job Description:
1. To organize as a leader of the works of VIBECCS & Samabayika, to achieve the target and make an exemplary unit of VIB;
2. To take initiative to build up & lead a motivated and committed team of professionals who will be achieving the target within the available facility;
3. To assist in organizing & maintain the Secretariat of VIB.
4. Any job assigned for the institute as and when required
5. To lead to organize the different cooperatives or group based activities of the institute e.g. Beekeeping cluster, GAP cluster, the Sec 25 Company etc
Emoluments: Rs.20, 000 to 25,000/- as per the decision of the committee.

The intending candidates are requested to send their CVs to hrvibsran@gmail.com within 10 days from the date of this notification. Any application may be rejected without assigning any reason.
Dr. B. K. Datta Swami Sadananda
(Director) (Chairman)