Major focus of this unit is not only on different aspects of Apiculture through R&D, this unit also lays significant emphasis on collection and processing of honey, honey and bee based products of economic importance in Sundarban and other potential areas in West Bengal.

The Unit systematizes the process of quality tests and vouches for quality assurance of the product(s).

We are working to organize honey producers and also collectors with direct association of (Vivekananda Centre for Skills) VCSs and (Krish Sampad Karmi) KSKs or (Madhu Sampad Karmi) MSKs to form producers cooperatives/ companies which would own and operate facilities under direct technical supervision of Apiculture unit of VIB to collect, process, pack and store honey, honey and bee based products that conform to the quality parameters of the unit.

Apart from marketing of products in the rural areas through KSKs, this unit coordinates with RMEDP cell of VIB for up country marketing as well.

Training / awareness programme for honey producers and collectors of Sundarbans:

We developed the need based training module for honey producers/forest honey collectors that enables them understand the nitty-gritty of apiculture and makes them conscious about achieving and maintaining quality standard at each stage for realizing better value from the market.

We provide both in-house and filed level training on Apiculture to entrepreneurs? using modern audio visual system and training manuals.

To provide support to KSKs/MSKs/ other rural entrepreneurs for their incubation, including training on production of honey and other related products (honey and bee based) and or post training activities.

R&D activities:

The R&D activity of this unit is to concentrate its focus on: apis cerena indica, apis dorsata, apis mellifera specis of Honey Bee.

The strain improvement through breeding, rearing of queens, multiplication of colonies, management of bee hives; Pest and disease management; Study on Bee pollen.

Future plan:

To develop the unit as a research/and a resource centre of international standard.