Botanical Pesticide

VIB has popularized a method for the utilization of local neem seeds for pest control in crops. This simple technique involves, collection of ripe neem fruit, De-pulping, decortications in wooden pestle and mortar, grinding of Kernel in the same, preparation of aquatic extract and spraying. The most important advantage of this eco-friendly method is all the steps can be performed by the farmers themselves.

Neem tree can control more than 200 insect species and some nematodes, fungi, bacteria and iruses. Neem acts differently on pest.It does not kill pest, it contains several active chemicals (Azadirachtine, Salannin, Gedunin etc) which change the insect’s food habits or life cycle. So it is safe for the man, animal and environment.

Neem based pesticides are suitable for developing countries because the useful chemical can be extracted easily without any expensive equipment. The left over can improve soil and can be added as plant food. VIB promots use extract from kernel, oil and cake.

It has been estimated that 20 to 30kg of neem seed (an average yield from 2 trees), prepared as kernel extract can treat one hectare of crop. This is very effective against cutworms affected plants like many vegetables, maize, tobacco and coffee.

Production of neem seed kernel extract and its application were standardized for different crops of this region. The methodology involves collection ripe neem fruits, de-pulping of the seeds and drying in shade, decortications of dried seeds, grinding and sieving of kernel, preparation of aquatic extract, and spraying on the cop plants. Field demonstration with NSKE is going on at different regions of Sunderbans under a project funded by Ministry of Fertilizers and Chemicals, Govt. of India.