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Sunlight is something aplenty in India in most of the year. With a long summer in its major parts, tapping solar energy is the key to addressing power generation issues for its vast population. A proposed solar power generation project in Thar desert over 35,000 square kms is estimated to be producing over 1,000 GW of power.

Especially, the regions like Sundebans need this mean of power generation for the absence of traditional distribution system in place.

VIB has been tapping the potential of Solar power energy for quite some time.

Launched in 2008, the Co-ordinated Project on Rural Energy in Debipur in Sunderban, created a model on the generation and use of alternative mode of energy. The CP-Rural Energy at Debipur, funded by the DST, commenced from 2008 and ended in 2011.

Under this project, the villagers of Debipur have been provided with a new solution of energy sources; alternative, green and sustainable.

 The project has been implemented by the Vivekananda Institute of Bio-technology, Nimpith, funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The technical support came from NBIRT, Kolkata.
Sixty sets of LED based home lighting system (a.k.a Solar kit) were installed. These were given to the families of low income at Debipur at a subsidized price.Each Solar Kit contains
  1. Two LED fittings – 5 watt each
  2. One Solar Module – 37 Wp
  3. One Charge controller
  4. One Battery – 40 Ah
The project has been a success. This created, for the first time, an awareness among the villagers who are largely dependent on fire wood collected from nearby jungle; a key step toward wild life conservation of Sunderban. Besides, engaging local youth as the nodal person during implementing this project has generated income for some people in need.