Promotion of Innovative/ knowledge-based/Technology oriented units:

Effective utilization of resources both human and natural resources of a particular region for employment and creation of wealth. It envisages matching of the natural resources available in that area and the human resources to create new enterprises and employment by usage of Science and Technology intervention.

The marginalized and vulnerable sections and particularly youth deserve a better new technology skills recovery passage to launch the backward regions in to new growth trajectories away from backwardness, in to the future. This great opportunity is now made available within their reach due to emergence of knowledge, economy and its new skill offers, which creating new job opportunities. The implementing block i.e Joynagar-II is basically agricultural block.

Role of STED:

STED project play a great role for improvement of livelihood in Joynagar II Block. Having the training of EDP and SDP under STED, the mentioned entrepreneurs are earning a good amount of money per month, which help them to maintain their works and most of them are thinking to expand their entrepreneurial activities in surrounding areas.

STED programme help both the Institute as well as entrepreneurs of Joynagar II Block, particularly science and technology intervention which have strengthened the entrepreneurs to stand on their own and unlocks the scope to uphold VIB efforts of low cost applicable technology.


Joynagar II Block of Sundarban Region, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal

Date of Sanction of the Project:

11.01.2012 [No.10/15/2012-NEB (Rs.44.46 lacs)]


Year I II III IV Total
Units created 12(M) 91(M&S)     103
Employmentgenerated 44 184     228
TrainingProgrammes conducted 15 6     21

**Service (S) & Manufacturing (M)

Linkages established

  • SBI
  • MSME
  • KVIC
  • SDB
  • Indian Institute of Packaging, Kolkata
  • Jadavpur University
  • IIT, Kharagpur
  • Mother Dairy

Following are the technologies we want to introduce in this location through EAP followed by EDP and SDP with S&T intervention.

Sl.No. Technology S&T intervention
1. Vermi Technology Add the following microorganisms with vermicompost for better utilization.

a) Azotobactor, Biofertilizer

b) Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria

c) Trichodema viridi, Biopesticide

2. Ornamental Fish Culture a) Modern scientific method followed.

b) Collected varieties and Maintained per demand

3. Fish feed production a) Use improve ingredient

b) Local natural resources

c) Used growth promoting substances

4. Horticulture a) Use 1:1 mixture of soil and vermicompost

b) Avoid the polythene bag

5. Food Mushroom Pickle :

a) Production in a scientific and as well as hygienic way

b) Increase shelf life

6. Energy Street vendor trolly:

a) Less fuel consumption

b) Low energy needed