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Bio gas

Bio gas plant could be an excellent solution to power generation issues in rural India, which is continually struggling to keep up with the increasing demand of energy.

Bio gas plants are clean, low-cost and easy to build in village houses. The raw material used is cattle dung.

The plant is composed of two jointed constructs; a chamber and a pit.

An estimate shows that approximately 25 kg of cow dung a day can produce bio gas good enough to keep a cooking  oven alight for two hours, twice in a day.

There is a time gap of 6-7 hrs to allow generate and replenish bio gas inside the pit during the time gap.

This conveniently helps getting two cooking sessions, one in the morning and the other in the evening, which is usual practice in any Indian household. The initial expense covers the cost of construction of one chamber, one dome shaped pit with an upward pipe-like outlet and some rubber tube for supplying bio gas from the pit to kitchen oven. Even the bio gas plant extract does not go wasted. It is very useful for framing. The bio gas slurry can be used to produce vermicompost or as an organic fertilizers. Bio gas is truly Eco-friendly.
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