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Biopesticide is a short form of Biological pesticide. This is a technique in the discipline of pest management and does involve organic or biochemical interactions of organisms.

Biopesticides are the elements used in biological control mechanisms and do use parasitic or predatory actions of the bio-control agents in framing.

These are fungi, microbes, nematodes, proteins and others bio-chemical agents.


VIB uses many bio-control agents in farming. They conduct regular training among the farmers to disseminate knowledge of Biopesticides and their efficient uses.

These bio pesticides, if used properly, can reduce indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides that have adverse effect on the soil Eco-systems.

Here is a list of the Bio-control agents that are used by VIB.

Biological Control Agents   
Bio-control agentsCategoryTarget pestCrops
Trichogramma spp. Egg parasitesLepidopteron pests like stem borer, shoot borer, fruit borer etc.Paddy, Sugarcane, Cotton and Vegetables
Chrysoperla cernea PredatorAphids, Jassids, White flies, Mealybugs, Thrips and eggs of Lepidopteron pestsMustard, Brinjal, Cabbage and other Crucifers
Ladybird beetlePredatorAphids, Jassids, white flies, mealy bugs, Lepidopteron larvae, soft bodied insects etc.Mustard, Brinjal, cabbage and other crucifers
Bacillus thuringiensisPathogenic bacteriaLepidopteron pestsCotton, Pulses, Tomato, Rice, Brinjal, vegetables etc.
Trichoderma spp.Pathogenic fungusPlant pathogens All types of vegetables
Beauveria bassianaEntomo pathogenic fungusWide range of insect pests- White grubs, Cruciferous crops, Paddy, vegetables
P. xylostella
Metarrhizium anisopliaeEntomo pathogenic fungusWide range of insect pests like sucking pests, Termite, Hopper etc.Sugarcane, Coconut, Brinjal, Tomato, Bhindi, Tea,Vegetables etc.
Paecilomyces lilacinusEntomo pathogenic fungusNematodeAll types of vegetables
Pseudomonas fluorescensPathogenic bacteriaWide range of soil borne diseases like bacteria, fungi, nematode etc. All types of vegetables & Paddy
Neem OilRepellant & Anti- feedantLepidopteron pest, Sucking Pest, Nematodes &TermitesAll types of vegetables, Flowers, Tea, Fruits and Paddy
Neem Seed PowderRepellant & Anti- feedantLepidopteron pest, Sucking Pest, Nematodes &TermitesAll types of vegetables, Flowers, Tea, Fruits and Paddy