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ICM – Integrated Crop Management

Integrated Crop Management (ICM) is a farming practice which is composed of Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This management comprises techniques that are conducive in different agro-climatic zone and are meant for better crop yields. These techniques are effective to sustainable farm practices and do help farmers deal with the issues specific to season. ICM involves pest control and nutrient management using biological pest control mechanisms.

Broadly, it involves usage of natural resources and efficient land management system leading to economically viable farm produce. This is particularly helpful for small farmers since it aims at reducing dependence on the purchase inputs.

ICM demands a good understanding of the relations between eco-system, land and environment of the locality, in question.

VIB engages a multi-layered approach toward Integrated Crop Management system. This is a combination of use of Biofertilizers, Vermicompost, Biopesticides and Botanical Pesticdes with  Soil, water and manure testing.

The ICM package has benefited a good number of farmers in South Bengal.
The Major achievements:

1.Good result obtained from NSP aqueous solution and Bt/Metarhizium/Beauveria against sucking pest, borer, hopper etc.
2.Application of carrier based Trichoderma viride and Neem cake to prevent soil borne fungi
3. Application of NSP aqueous solution with Metarhizium to prevent Termites and soil borne insects.
4. Majority of the farmers felt that the use of Bt, Metarhizium, Beauveria and NSP aqueous solution are more effective against shoot and fruit borer of Brinjal Chrysoperla grab and Trichogramma chilonis are more essential for Brinjal cultivation.
Following are the list of components during Promotion of ICM Package in targeted areas

Promotion of ICM Package in targeted areas

SNItemsPkts ( 100g/ml each)
1Trichoderma viride9397
2Trichoderma harzianum45
3Pseudomonas fluorescens6709
4Beauveria brassiana1252
5Metarrhizium anisopliae756
6Bacillus thuringiensis637
7Paecilomyces lilacinus391
8Neem Seed Powder( kg)1000
9Azotobacter carrier based culture1809
10Azotobacter liquid culture659
11Phosphate solubilizer carrier based ( PSB- )2452
12Phosphate solubilizer liquid ( PSB- )494
13Azosprillium carrier based735
14Rhizobium carrier based850
15Azolla (kg)500
16Vermicompost ( ton)80
17AMF ( kg)500

There are two types of services rendered here by the VIB.
1. Soil Testing (Samples: 5905)
2. Water Testing (Samples: 195)